Les péchés mignons / Guilty Pleasures

This week has been a bit of a funky one. One of those where you make a conscious effort to sit down at the end of the day and go through all that you value in your life. It's important to give yourself a perspective check from time to time and remember all that you have going for you. Maybe this is just something that happens to me, but I find that if one thing happens to be going wrong in a particular area of my life it very often leads to me thinking that EVERYTHING is going wrong in my life. This is not a particularly great feeling or a place that I want to stay when I find myself there. These days however, I have a much better handle on realising that this is not very rational thinking and know how to get myself out of this mood.
Self-awareness people, it's a wonderful thing!

We all have our guilty pleasures, those little things that soothe us at the end of a bad (for whatever reason) day. I thought I'd share a few of mine here with you. Feel free to share yours with me, I'd love to hear them!


Books. I love reading. I have memories of being in bed as a child, taking the book I had hidden under my pillow and using my glow-worm to read. It most probably ruined my eyes forever and I'm sure my mum knew exactly what was going on, but I'm glad she encouraged my sister and I to read so much. For me, reading is like travelling in the sense that it doesn't just bring me immense pleasure but I can feel it broadening my mind and teaching me many things about the world.
The guilt element to this pleasure is that I am pretty much incapable of walking in to a bookshop and coming out empty handed...This has led me to seriously investigate in to (finally) getting a library membership here in Paris. That will make up another wonderful post #powertothebookworms

Tea. Infusions. Red, green, white, peppermint, earl grey, English breakfast...I'm a bit of an addict. Plus it goes so well with reading! Current favourite: Twinings Peppermint and Nettle. Much like books, I spend too much money on tea.

Sandra Bullock romantic comedies. I think my top two would have to be Two Weeks Notice and The Proposal. Betty White. Ramone (Oscar from The Office). I remember seeing this at the cinema when it came out with Andrea and we were not expecting to laugh as much as we did.


Food was obviously going to make an appearance in my guilty pleasure list. I can't just restrict this to the Popelini choux (pastry, think profiteroles with flavoured cream fillings) although these would obviously be very near the top of my list. There's also éclairs (L'éclair de génie) and carrot cake (Rose Bakery) and all the delights that you can find at the boulangeries here (head to Liberté or Du pain et des Idées for something extra delicious and special).
This is why you will often hear me saying "I could do to lose a kilo or three"... 
Lou xxx