Feel Good Friday

It's Friday and in Paris the sky is clear and blue. I wish I was outside enjoying it but I'm happy to make do with seeing it from the office window. So once again, the weekend is almost upon us. This is helping me feel good about the fact that today is Friday. What do you have planned? What have been the highlights or lowlights of your week?

Something I have been doing a lot more of this week is listening to Classic FM, in particular to John Suchet and Jamie Crick. I've also started trying to find a piano teacher - it's not so much about learning the piano as I did plenty of that at music school - but I want to have some motivation to practice at home and have conversations about music again. Who knows, it may even lead to some chamber music opportunities! But I shouldn't get ahead of myself...

As for the weekend, well I'm very much looking forward to a bit of cooking and baking. I've been a little more active on Pinterest recently - it's a wonderful source for recipes. In particular, healthy recipes. Here are my choices which I'll be trying out this weekend.

Roasted cauliflower and kale pie with potato crust

Image source and recipe

Naked chocolate cake

Image source and recipe

I'm also going to be meeting Hannah, an American blogger in Paris, for brunch at Rose Bakery. I'm excited to hear Hannah's story and how she ended up in Paris. Rose Bakery is wonderful  - I really like this place! They do wholesome and healthy food and the cream cheese on their carrot cake - well, let's just say I would marry it if I could (sorry JB.)

I've updated my Paris board on Pinterest, with some of my favourite places to eat and drink. With each discovery I'll be sure to update my board so feel free to have a look for ideas on where to go in Paris. 
Finally, something which perked me up this week. I got a haircut! It's the shortest I have gone in a while but I really really like it :) 


Have a happy and healthy weekend folks! Lou xx