The soup song

This post isn't actually about the soup song, it's just that I currently have a soup on the hob (sweet potato, turnip, carrot and onion) and it has been one of those uninspiring a typical Monday basically! I had a really nice weekend though, which consisted of watching The Hunger Games (1&2), lots of snuggles with JB, really good pizza and so on, all set to a backdrop of grey skies and rain.

Oh, I also started and finished my first ever piece of knitting. A snood (pattern from Wool and the Gang). The finishing off was a little tricky and therefore my snood will not be winning any awards but it keeps me warm and comfy. I'm also proud that I no longer start a row with 29 stitches and somehow have 37 at the end!

Any excuse for group activities

JB and I heard about the HBO television show, True Detectives, from some friends recently. It stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. It's really really really really really good. The episodes are an hour long and the pace is rather slow, so make sure you're perky when you're watching it otherwise you'll most likely drop off...

Oh and I did a voiceover for a friend's ad...check it out. I felt like I was Lake Bell from "In a world". Have you seen that movie? Do you think I should pursue a career in voiceover work?! Just kidding.

I started re-reading "Bossypants" by the wonderful Tina Fey this morning on the metro. Much like "Is everyone hanging out without me" and "Running like a Girl", this book has me cracking up so often that I'm sure my fellow passengers think I'm a little crazy. In the chapter where Tina shares her experiences whilst working in the Y.M.C.A. she makes a comment which I wholeheartedly agree with: "...that's the kind of trouble you get when diverse groups of people actually cross paths with one another. That's why many of the worst things in the world happen in and around Starbucks bathrooms".

Some of the most random/freakiest things have happened to me whilst in a New York Starbucks. Like the time the girl behind me asked if I could not flush the toilet after me as she needed a urine sample, had I taken any drugs recently? Or the heated argument between a young couple, where he said he would break up with her if she got a nose piercing...we were at a communal table and the young guy opposite me wrote some messages to me on his coffee cup as he saw I was listening intently (subtlety is obviously not my strong point). I had to leave after 30 minutes of this show, so I left him my email address on my coffee cup and he updated me the following day. They stayed together. His mum was also at the table and had witnessed the whole argument...It is a crazy world we live in my friends.

Anything crazy like that ever happened to you in a Starbucks somewhere in the world?

My soup is ready and I'm starving, so off I go to have my dinner. I hope you're all having a fun evening!

Lou xxxxxxx