Welcome to Lou in Paris. Originally from the UK, I moved to France in 2009 after completing a French degree at the University of Bristol.

I never dreamt about living in Paris but looking back, it's obvious I would move abroad. My favourite composers are French Impressionists. I went to boarding school so an international environment is second nature to me. Studying languages at university involved a year abroad - I lived in a small town called Périgueux within Dordogne.

Then I met a handsome French man in the U.S. Fast forward one year, we were a couple and I was packing a suitcase for Paris. That’s when the real fun started: bank accounts, customer service (or lack thereof), career opportunities, making friends etc. For two years I was permanently in a state of figuring things out. I made many mistakes, consumed a lot of wine and put on, then lost, several kilos. But I’m still standing, just like Elton John.

Today I work in social media and am applying for French nationality. Drop me a line via the contact page if you have any questions - I’d love to hear from you.