Le réveillon...

"le réveillon" = New Year's Eve in French. 

I thought I would wait until February to list some resolutions for the year ahead, because I think both you and I know that most of the resolutions we make in the lead up to the new year do.not.last beyond the first week of January. Or maybe the second week if you're an incredibly determined/successful type. Which is not really me.

The things I would like to achieve are also things that don't need to have a specific end date. That is to say, I want to nurture new habits or hobbies, or acquire new skills that I hope to continue with even when we're seeing in 2015, 2016, 2017 and so on...

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Knitting. Teaching myself how to cast on and learn 3 or 4 stitches was a wonderful lesson for me to be calm and patient with myself. To remember that we don't always master things the first time we ever try them. To recognise that I need help from more experienced knitters to go through changing a ball of wool and casting off will be a useful lesson for me to reach out to others, swallow my pride and ask for help when it is needed.

Healthy Peanut Butter, Banana, & Honey Milkshake

Eating right, eating with pleasure. I didn't grow up in a household where there was a lot of cooking from scratch and quite honestly, helping out in the kitchen was more of a stress than a pleasure. If we cut the vegetables wrong then the rest of the evening/day/weekend could be totally ruined. No joke. Hence my averse reactions when JB tries to suggest that I cut the cucumbers and eggs a little thinner in a salad.
Putting childhood issues aside however, I've finally started baking and cooking since I have been in Paris. Big sister Binns has helped a lot in this as she LOVES baking and cooking (by the way sis, I know you're reading and I never got to try your mulled wine cupcakes over Christmas! Sad face.) and is so good at it. This helped me gain some confidence to see that I could try and probably be good too! I also couldn't let Jon cook all the time anymore, it was so unfair.

Healthy Banana Parfait

Carin Olssen's Paris Pinboard

Discover Paris. Yes. I'm obviously not the person who starts any trends... Discovering the soul of Paris has only really washed over me recently. When I moved to Paris, I hadn't really thought the whole thing through very much. Consequently, the first 6 months were mostly me in a state of confusion/exasperation as I struggled to get to grips with a new city, a new relationship, finding a job, opening a bank account, dealing with a lot of paperwork (because the French love their paperwork) etc. THEN there was the whole making friends thing and being liked by JB's gang. Eurgh, so much angst, confusion and anxiety. Now that I've come through the other side of all that "moving to another country with another language" schtick, well I'm finally interested in discovering Paris! Hurrah! All the better, I can do this under the guise of eating and drinking my way around the city, as well as lots of long walks and some cultural investigation. I'm very excited to focus on bringing you more "LouLou meets..." where I introduce you to other Paris bloggers and their take on the city.
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Give back. Whether this involves volunteering in a soup kitchen, in something community based, or finding another sponsored run (20k this time!) I'd like to give back in some way. 


Be more tech savvy. This one is both for work and my personal life. A big goal of mine for this year is to move in to a different position at work: somewhere that would teach me some valuable skills that I'd be able to use in another work environment. Thus, I would like to learn how to use Photoshop and how to write HTML. I'm going to be brave and purchase my first ever digital camera which I will use for blogging (It's even got WiFi - my.tiny.mind.is.bloooooooooown.) Yes, as you can tell, right now I haven't got a clue about any of this stuff really but hey, look what happened to Christopher Columbus that one time he got on a boat and travelled a bit - he discovered America.

Got any resolutions?