We all try

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So today is Thursday. I have butterflies in my stomach as i write this because it's just 7 days until I fly to New York. 
And just 1 day until i go to London for a Claire's hen weekend and i'm reunited with Maryana!
*pulls excited faces galore*
Too much excitement for me to handle, i may just explode!
I saw the above quote on Instagram earlier this week. 
Susan Petersen from Freshly Picked introduced to her followers an entrepreneur empowerment exercise based on the quote: to either share what you refuse to compare or explain how you interpret this quote. 
I know i'm guilty of comparing myself to other people in the past about plenty of (mostly superficial) things. 
Today i like to focus on all the great things I have instead of beating myself up about what i don't have.
I think it is important to set our own personal goals and put effort in to achieving them.
I'd be interested to know how you interpret the above quote : ) 
*Side-note* Susan makes the cutest baby moccasins EVAH
I dare you to look at her online store

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Patience really is a virtue.  This is something i have been reminded of a lot recently by some of the people in my life. Some things, especially the big stuff, may takes time. Try and be at peace with that fact. Remember to have some fun along the way. Learn a valuable life lesson or two. 
This is definitely something i need to remember and apply when it comes to my finances. I need to stop wanting so many (superficial) things in the here and now and buying them. Therefore i am going to be strong and not buy any baby moccasins from Susan's site. This starts now : ) 
Hope you're all excited for the weekend!
Lou xxxxx
P.S. I read this post yesterday from Into the Gloss, and as someone who goes to the gym I found it hilarious (and a little bit useful!)