Frances Ha

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Yesterday evening i took myself off to the cinema at Bastille (it's a really nice walk from Nation metro).
Shot entirely in black and white, i would describe Frances Ha as a feel good film.
It was a nice moment to spend in the cinema, and definitely a movie you can enjoy alone, as i did.
I really enjoyed Greta Gerwig's performance. 
She was funny, sweet, a little naive, a little immature too (she's 27 in the film), but artistic and upbeat.
The film didn't dig too deep in to anything in particular. 
I'm glad there was a happy ending for our down on her luck protagonist - 
she got her act together and things worked out for her.
The New Yorker reviewed the movie - click here if you're interested in reading that.
It explores the cinematic references within the film as well as going in to way more detail than i did!
I hope your week has got off to a good start
Countdown to New York = 10 days (getting excited!)