Musings on NYC

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Hi there lovely people. So it's already my 4th day in New York. I know that my time here is just going to fly by so i'm determined to savour every moment of the trip!

Here are some observations and random facts about this city, via yours truly!
  • I am addicted to iced chai lattes. Addicted. Because they are delicious. Especially with soya or almond milk.
  • The air con here is crazy. Out on the streets, it's nice and sunny (and polluted mmmmmmmm!), on the subway platforms it is the temperature of an oven, but once you get inside shops or cafes boy it's freezing!!!!
  • The girls here look SO polished - I saw an airbrush tanning salon, so that makes sense. It's all about how you look out here. Although i don't feel at all self-conscious about flashing my pale pins. My body is my body and whilst it is far from perfect, it's my body and i believe it is right to be nice and kind to it...
  • People are very expressive and vocal out here. I think we know that about the US of A right? They like a good sob story or a grand show. I love all that, even though admittedly at times it is exhausting and a little excessive. But people really express themselves here. Examples:
  1. The lady behind me at the traffic lights today on Broome Street/Bowery telling Charlie (on the other end of the phone) that he needs to drop his pride, because that's bulls**t;
  2. The Spanish lady on Prince Street who told me IN SPANISH that she liked my dress (because with my pale skin and freckles i understand how you could mistake me for a Spanish/South American native);
  3. The creative yoga classes i have thus far experienced at Strala Yoga studio. (In Tara's Sunday Relax class for example, we were given about 5 minutes to just do our own thing, yogi wise. It was awesome.)
  • Client service exists in New York City. Sadly, it doesn't exist at all in Paris. Waiters and shop workers in Paris treat you as if you're bothering them when you ask for their help. But New Yorkers clearly have high expectations when it comes to service. It's a novelty let me tell you : )
  • Everyone seems to have a tattoo here, all ages, all races, all styles of tattoos. Rad.
  • Whole Foods needs to come to France. I was so overwhelmed by their salad bar. 
Disclaimer note:
This is not an anti-Paris post. I love living in Paris and there are many positives about living in France!