This song doesn’t make me feel like when I was 15, (my my, let’s not think back to those days), but it does make me long for a road-trip to the sea with friends where we can have a good time. I heard it at Meg’s last week and I believe it was on one of my recent Strala playlists too. It takes me to a really good place, even when I’m on the metro to work, so miracles really do happen people.

Talking of Meg, she put our evening out at Express de Lyon up on her blog. It’s a wonderfully random beer bar just by Gare de Lyon and it was the first time I actually met Meg, so it was nice to revisit a fun evening. Plus, her photos are just beautiful. The girl has an excellent eye. Even if there is a photo of me looking like a real lemon there : )

Hana also put some beautiful photos up of her brunch at Soul Kitchen, a lovely spot in the 18th which Lauren introduced me to a while back. The food is good value for money, the space is so cute and seemed family friendly, the service was incredibly warm. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend it.

I’ve been trying not to have the same breakfast every day. Recently, I’m back in to my porridge oats soaked overnight in milk, topped with fresh fruit and all kinds of seeds. Big sister Binns was over in Paris this past weekend, and she brought me some beetroot, ginger and coconut museli from Primrose’s Kitchen, I feel like a saint eating such healthy stuff. This morning however, I went completely wild and had a boiled organic egg with some fresh bread. Good source of protein and fat.

What does the week hold for you, my lovely readers? I’ve had a quiet start, but tomorrow I’m meeting a friend of Danielle’s at Maison F for a drink, on Thursday I have a jazz dinner at Radisson Blu, Boulogne and Friday I’m meeting Hana for a drink at Candelaria. I’ve never tried the food so I may have a cheeky taco on my way to the bar. Or on the way out (it will probably be much needed!)

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you. And if work is incredibly busy, tomorrow is hump day. You can do this! If not, there's always macarons...

Lou xx