Between the Sheets...

Mai Tai for two at Maison F.

How did you end up in Paris?

It's a question I am asked, and in return find myself asking, on a regular basis since I moved to Paris.

My personal answer is: "Mostly, for a man." When I have the time, I'm always happy to provide the more detailed answer to that question, but essentially I moved to Paris for a relationship with JB.

We have had our moments. I’m always interested when friends share their observations of our relationship. One of my closest friends told me after a recent trip to see him in the UK that when he said good-bye and watched us get into our taxi, he thought to himself “now there’s a couple that makes sense”. My first reaction was to be incredibly flattered, his opinion means a lot to me and it is nice to know that how I feel about my relationship with JB translates well to other people. But, like any other couple, JB and I have our moments. If a relationship looks good on the outside, I believe in most cases that’s because there’s not just love and respect between the couple, there’s also a strong sense of teamwork going on( because everyone has their own s**t to sort through). Or, you know, they should think about a career in acting.

All this to say I had a lovely time meeting Lorelei this week (at Maison F). We ended up having an enlightening conversation, not only about what brought us to Paris, but also our dating history. She brought my attention to this Telegraph article summarising a poll recently carried out (by to identify the world’s worst and best lovers.

If that’s true about German men, what is their excuse? For the record, JB is half German and I can confirm that he showers on a daily basis. For those of you attracted to a man who is not short of body hair, keep your ears open for a Russian accent and your luck may just be in! Apparently for both Lorelei and I, we made the right move coming to Europe and leaving our respective countries, both of which come under the category of “worst lovers”. Thank you Lorelei, for inspiring this blog post.

Bon weekend,
Lou xxx