Spring has sprung

This weekend, Spring officially landed. The clocks went forward and the weather was sunny (a little too humid at times, which my hair doesn't appreciate, but I'll take what I can get!)

Post-yoga brunch with Ineke at Le Jockey.

My weekend was pretty busy, and full of good stuff - just not enough time with JB. On Saturday, Ineke and I bought a 10 day open pass for Be Yoga, a lovely, calm yoga studio situated in a quiet passageway not far from Montparnasse. We tested an Ashtanga class (dynamic but wow what a great stretch for the body) and a Jivamukti class on Sunday (wonderful for working on posture and opening up the body). Having recently experienced a bout of panic attacks, I have quickly noticed the overall difference when I'm making the effort to take deeper breaths and stay focused.


I heard about this app from Flora and quickly downloaded it. The concept behind the creation is for people to mark quiet spaces on an interactive map. Apparently I am a lone ranger in Paris but I noticed there are a lot of people using it in the UK. I'll see how I get on with it and whether it becomes a regular fixture, but for now I'm enjoying the daily inspirational quote. It can be quite tricky, especially when you live in a big city, to take a step back and see the bigger picture so I'm trying to spend some time on this at the moment.

Gelato in Paris

On Sunday afternoon I met up with a group of bloggers, all of whom had agreed to test Daisy's new treasure hunts. Starting at the Jardin du Luxembourg and finishing in St. Michel, I spent a few enjoyable hours bonding with Lisa (from Ella Coquine) and learning so much about Paris. I was really happy to be a part of this experiment, to meet Daisy, and to be reminded of how open and friendly the expat bloggers in Paris are. A cheeky little GROM gelato with Lauren and Danielle on the way home rounded off the perfect weekend (not counting snuggles with JB when I got home of course).

I hope you all had a nice weekend, and spent some time doing fun things with fun people. If not, there's always this weekend.
Lou xxxxx