Why I'm pro-choice

pinterest Abortion. Not a topic that often comes up at the dinner parties or social gatherings that I find myself at, understandably. I think it's an incredibly loaded subject because there's only one side to be on: you're either for it or you're against it, there is no neutral position. Personally, I'm pro-choice and I believe abortion should be legal throughout the world, because the choice belongs to the woman alone (and if she is in a relationship, her partner). It's definitely not a decision for the State or the Church to make.

Just to clarify, I fully respect those who do not believe in abortion - everyone is entitled to their opinion and I appreciate that it is a tough ethical debate (for example whilst I was reading up on abortion, I came across female foeticide a lot. Another subject for another post). However, I do not think it is right that those whose religious or political beliefs oppose abortion get to decide the law. Abortion is legal in both the country I grew up in (the UK) and the country where I currently live (France) and it is nothing but a privilege to be in that position. How would I feel if that were not the case? Suffocated. Scared. Angry about not being fully in control of my body. There still remain many women around the world who do not have the right to have a safe abortion.

These opinion pieces are about things which matter to me : I'm not trying to force my own personal opinion on anyone. Neither do I think abortion is something to be taken lightly but I respect that there are many factors involved in the individual making the right decision for them. If, one day, I were in the situation where my daughter or son came to me with this problem, I would want them to know that they could talk through their options with JB and I. That abortion was not the only option available to them because it is a huge responsibility to make that kind of decision and they would have our support whichever decision they made.

I was moved to write something about this because I followed the media coverage, earlier this year, of the Spanish government's attempt to restrict the abortion law. It worried me that Spanish women would be forced backwards, to adhere to laws their female predecessors had to abide by. No, we must keep moving forwards in these matters. I was left unimpressed by the explanation offered by Spain's PM for abandoning the reforms: “We can’t have a law that will be changed when another government comes in.” No, we can't have a law restricting a woman's right to make a decision concerning her own body.

Lou xx

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