Image via the amazing Nat the Fat Rat
It is spring/summer. The weather just seems incapable of accepting this fact!
I am grateful that it is not raining like a few weeks ago (where we also had those crazy storms eeeeek!) but i would like the sunshine to make an appearance...wouldn't you?
Today I managed to organise the final bits of planning for my summer. *Lou gives herself a pat on the back*
- I have my tickets for NY and the apartment is booked! Woohooooooooo
- I now, as of today, have my Eurostar tickets for a friend's wedding on 10 August.
(She's getting married in England)
- I also booked a hotel for above wedding.
- I have my train tickets for the hen party in London mid-July.
- We just have the accommodation left to organise (Wimdu and Air B n B are amazing sites!)
Oh and the birthdays continue :) Today it was the 27th birthday of Simone, a lovely German girl who works in the same team as me!
A few of us got together and spoiled her with patisseries, flowers and a Sephora gift card.
I'm very tempted to get the same plant for our apartment. It's pretty and i can't for the life of me remember its name :(

The birthday girl!
What does summer hold for you my lovely readers? 
Lou xx