Paris vs NYC

Not a long post today - just a little something that has been popping up on the internet these past few weeks and keeps catching my eye. So i wanted to share...

When you have some spare time to kill, and especially to those of you who have had the chance to visit or live in Paris/New York/both, then you may enjoy this site:
Paris vs NYC blog
It's basically a web-site by the Parisian graphic designer Vahram is some brief blurb in the form of a review at the NY Times (p.s. love the comment left by one person who is VERY upset at the incorrect spelling of espresso- perhaps they were caffeine deprived at the time. It's the capital letters, they just seem so ANGRY.)

I love these little side-by side comparisons. I find them ironic, and cannot put myself in one city camp. I mean, give me Carrie over Amélie any day

but who on earth, except perhaps Tony Soprano, would choose pastrami over pâtisserie?!

Over and out! And Happy Thanksgiving : ) xx

P.S I would like to annouce the arrival of Fleet William Robinson to the world as of yesterday morning at 08:07 am! Congratulations to his lovely parents!