On the 7th day, God created brunch

My flowers from JB

It goes without saying that I always look forward to my weekends. More often than not that is because my plans revolve around sleeping in and catching up on reading/blogs/TV shows. Other times I have plans to meet up with friends and I'm excited to try out a new café or just be in Paris at 10:30 am when the city is generally a little more peaceful than commuting hours during the week.

My weekend started on Friday afternoon when I received good news about a job interview I'd had recently. Good news, as in, I got the job. As soon as I got off the phone with my future boss, I received an email from the mailmen informing me of a special delivery - flowers from JB. What.a.cutie. He unknowingly helped me discover my new favourite flower, the anemone (the red flower that's not a rose on the photo above). A brief search on the interweb has taught me that anemone translates as "daughter of the wind" and can be cultivated in several bright colours, as well as the classic white.

Brunch on Saturday was with Rachel at the fabulous Holybelly, which never disappoints. We arrived around 11am, were lucky enough to get a table straightaway and had a nice catch up over our eggs & sides (her scrambled, me poached) with an apple juice to share and coffee to finish it all off. The vibe is always very relaxed at Holybelly, and one of the things I love about the place in addition to the great coffee, healthy servings of food and happy playlists, is how Nico and the Holybelly team care about the details. It adds a really personal touch which definitely keeps me coming back again and again.

My flat "Walter" White coffee. Loved the name and the love heart milk work impressed me no end.

On Sunday I got to brunch all over again, lucky me! This time with regular brunch buddy, Lauren at Clint.
Clint is a very photographic space with lots of light flowing in and cute plants on your table. The brunch plates are fairly small and so are the prices (EUR 5,50 for pancakes , EUR 7 for granola and EUR 7,50 for eggs Benedict/Norwegain). If you're famished there's the burger at EUR 15 (veggie/cheese/bacon+cheese) but Lauren and I were happy with our eggs.
*Side note* Leading on from the cute plants on the table, I found this knitted cactus pattern and think it is adorable.

Lauren's shy but very cute dog Daisy joined us on Sunday. 

I finished my weekend off eating homemade crêpes (Nutella if you're asking) with the Frenchies, which was bliss. I intend for the coming weekend to be calmer before the excitement of my birthday next week : )

Tell me, what do you have planned for this weekend?


P.s. I had tea and cake Saturday afternoon with the girls at Lockwood, but I'm saving this for a separate post.