My first ever blog post...kinda scary

Hi, so this is kinda weird, because i feel like i'm writing to nobody specific right now. And i'm nervous about being judged on my blog posts which i feel may be hindering my creative juices from flowing. Off to a great start then!
Why did i start a blog? I think i realized that i have a lot of people who i care about who are not directly involved in my daily life. Yes, there is Facebook and Twitter for sharing, but i wanted to create a space where people felt safe and there was less of a worry of over-sharing things. I'm not trying to apply any pressure by the way and suggest that all my friends at a distance start a blog, so that i can see the nitty gritty details of their daily lives...
I have no real idea where my blog is going to go, or if it is even going to work - i tend to be one of those people who doesn't start out with a 10 point plan...because what if that failed? I don't like the idea of failure. I just start something and then proceed in the direction i feel is the right way for me personally to go. I'm just hoping to make this blog fun for anybody who happens to visit : ) There will probably be Facebook and Twitter influences (140 characters is just not enough for some thoughts don't you agree?!) as well as inspiration for posts provided from wonderful warned! I'm also tempted to steal an idea from someone i used to go to school with- i saw via Facebook she had started a blog, paid a visit, and she had made a list of 30 things to do before she was 30. I'm not going to do that, but i liked some of the goals she set herself, and therefore may be borrowing one or two, and tell you about them on here.
So i'm writing this from my work desk in Paris. Work has not been in abundance today, although i do have a little pile of loose ends to tie up. I like my office. I share it with two other people: Christine, who is French and in her 40's with two young boys, and Daria ,who is originally Ukrainian but grew up in Germany and is a single parent with one girl aged 6. Christine speaks English, German and French fluently. Daria speaks French, German, English, Ukrainian and Russian fluently. I speak English fluently and get by in French...inside i'm dying! I found out today that i will be moving to a new post on the 21 November. This is really great news, but i'm also scared of the new post because i don't feel like i know how to do anything there. However, that is not going to stop me from trying my best, learning as quickly as i can, and ultimately doing a good job. I shall keep you updated about that.
I have a Body Pump class tonight after work-beforehand, i'm going to sneak in a Starbucks coffee (i'm a big fan, not because it's a "cool" place but because i appreciate French coffee, and i also appreciate Starbucks coffee. They're completely different things.) I have a couple of kilos to drop, and i have noticed since i started combining the classes with gym sessions (as well as eating more fruit, veg and salads), i have toned up and lost some weight. I'm a short person, so a couple of extra pounds in weight and you notice the difference. Eurgh!
My boyfriend, JB, is in London today and tomorrow for work. The advantage of his absence is that i will have a light, healthy dinner. The disadvantage of his absence is that...well he's not going to be there for hugs and chats and hanging out. I love hanging out with my boyfriend. It's one of my hobbies. 
And today, i am thinking of one of my best friends who had to do a very hard thing and i hope that he is doing ok.