Mundane Midweek

I went looking on my Instagram for a photo but it's such a mundane Wednesday that i couldn't even find anything fabulous! So i just went to Pinterest and found the first pin of mine that someone else had repinned today.
Which turned out to be Kylie and Jason singing "Especially for You".
I know all the words to this song and am happy to belt it out full blast, anytime.

 Mundane Midweek is a series that has been started by the lovely Charlotte.
Isn't it a creative way for us bloggers to connect with each other and discover yet more blogs?

I've started pinning addresses on my Google Map of New York, which Frenchie Rachel taught me.
I'm trying to be LETHAL with the addresses i put on there, and at this point i'm going to be having about 5 meals a day, just to visit all the eateries..yeah right Lou!
I'm going to bite the bullet and advertise my little blog soon on some of the AWESOME blogs
that i enjoy.
Such as Rosie's blog.
And Charlotte's, as mentioned above. 
I love Lisette's blog. She seems like such a lovely lady.
Erica had a super fun girlie sleepover which I enjoyed reading about.
Tabitha  bought this REALLY cute bag from Kurt Geiger. It's now in the sale and i'm veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery tempted to get it.
Mona went to a wedding and looked absolutely gorgeous (as always)!
I'm back to Body Combat tonight. The muscular torture has only just kicked in today from Monday's session So basically my moves are going to be very entertaining for everyone tonight in the class. 
I thought i'd leave you with Kylie and Jason. It would be indecent of me not to.
Lou xxxx