LouLou meets...Making Magique

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Paris has its fair share of expat bloggers/writers/photographers/creatives, which is great for my series,  and today it's Haleigh Walsworth's turn. The blogger behind Making Magique, Haleigh hails from the West Coast, has a gorgeous fashion sense and is a freelance writer and photographer working in Paris. I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit more below.

Hi Haleigh, how did you end up in Paris?

Hi Lou! I moved here to finish my Bachelor's degree at the American University of Paris and ended up never leaving.

Why did you first start your blog, Making Magique, and what motivates you to write?

My blog came to life as I was taking a lot of photos and wanted a space to share those with people. The writing came later on when once I became interested in telling stories.

Could you tell us a little bit about what you do here in Paris?

I am a freelance writer and photographer, predominantly in the beauty and fashion industry. I just wrote and photographed a Paris guide book, photographed a lifestyle book for Penguin and am currently working on a book of my own personal stories and photographs, all of which is keeping me incredibly busy, as you can imagine!

You write a weekly column for Lancôme – what are some of your beauty essentials?

I am a huge fan of a good C.C. cream, so would definitely include that in my list. What else? A nice lip stain in a popsicle-like pink, an eyelash curler, a good face scrub, my Clarisonic and Neutrogena facial soap.

Flowers on table - copie

You recently wrote about turning 25 and how you feel in your body as a woman (I loved it)? Where do you turn to for style inspiration?

Ironically, the very youthful Dakota Fanning whose style I just love. Vintage photos of Bardot and Birkin are also a huge inspiration for me and I am a big fan of Diane Kruger's style.

One thing on your Paris bucket list?

Easy - a balcony with a great view!

Le Bon Marche - copie

If you could move anywhere in the world for a career opportunity, where would you choose to go and why?

Probably somewhere in Asia because it is the only place in the world I have yet to discover.

One thing you miss from home that Paris can’t replace? One thing you would miss in Paris if you ever left?

One thing I miss about home is driving along the beach with my music turned up nice and loud :) I would miss everything about Paris if I ever left.

 I’ve been listening to the BBC4 Desert Island Disc podcasts recently. So, in the very unlikely scenario of you being sent to a desert island, please tell us:

- one book (or magazine) you’d choose to take with you; probably Walden by Thoreau, not because I particularly love it but I think it could teach me how to be happy at being alone on a desert island.

- one luxury item;  a fantasic down pillow.                                    

- one piece of music; a Sigur Ros album because I think it's the only music suitable for spending large amounts of time staring into the distance.

- one social media application you’d like to keep. Instagram, so I could live vicariously through people not stuck on a desert island.

Thank you to Haleigh for taking time out of her busy schedule to be a part of the series. The photos in this post are from her Instagram feed which you can find here.