LouLou meets...Lisette Loves

DSCF1557 It's Friday, I'm really happy about that and I'm also really happy to bring you a new LouLou meets interview. Today it's the turn of Lisette Loves, a lifestyle blogger based in the UK, who I have been following for a while now. What I like about Lisette is her cheery attitude which is perfectly demonstrated through her Thankful Thursday series, but if she needs to be serious she has no problem with that. Girl is also a passionate baker and foodie, so that automatically makes us friends. Hope you enjoy and happy weekend! Lou xxxxx

Hi Lisette, welcome to the blog! Can you tell us why you started Lisette Loves?

I actually began Lisette Loves because when I was in my second year at university one of my best friends and housemate, Laura, was diagnosed with cancer. It was a place to escape to - my own little place where reality could fade away a little. I also found great comfort in the blogging community, everywhere I turned there were so many kind words and so much support. Having a blog is like have a little online scrapbook.

What motivates you to blog?

I can't even explain it. I just love it. I feel like I don't need anything in particular to motivate me, I just really enjoy taking photographs and so blogging feel so effortless.

What do you like about the British blogging community?

We keep it real! Particularly the lifestyle blogging community, lifestyle bloggers can throw the nitty gritty in with the beautifully curated outfits and delicious looking recipes. We always make time for each other and help each other out when times get tough. I've always been supported by the blogging community, in times which were almost unbearable and I owe so much to them.

peanut butter brownie8

The reality of living in any big city, even one as pretty as Paris, is that there will be things which are not so agreeable about it. Could you describe some positive (and negative) aspects of daily London life, based on your personal experience of the city?

Positive? THE FOOD! Oh my lordy, the breadth and quality of food available is unreal. I love living in such a 'melting pot' city where so many cultures blend together to create the most incredible food scene. Another great thing is that each part of London can be so unique, it is almost like a different city depending on what part of London you are in. The worst thing about London is probably a mix between the horribly sweaty morning commute and the lack of starlight. Having lived in the countryside I still feel a sense of sadness when I look up at night and can't see the stars because of the light pollution.

Your favourite recipe (both to eat and photograph)?

Every week I have a different favourite! I think my favourite recently has been my pancakes recipe, but generally speaking I tend to have one favourite photo from each recipe. My infused honey was another one of my favourites to photograph because I had all morning to do it so it was lovely and relaxed!

Your favourite comfort food recipe?

MASH POTATO! I know it isn't really a recipe, but when I feel sad or stresses mash is my best friend. Creamy, smooth mash with a dollop of mustard is always amazing.


Your favourite cookbook?

At the moment I would have to say my favourite cookbook is Hemsley + Hemsley. The introduction to the book goes into huge depth about why and how you should eat certain things. It is so informative and interesting, and I read it cover to cover the day I received it.

One thing on your bucket list?

To go to a Costa Rican sloth sanctuary! Generally speaking one thing on my bucket list is to go on adventures. I didn't do regular gap year of travelling but I would love to give it a go.

I really admire that you’re in a long-distance relationship – do you have any tips for readers on how you and your boyfriend make that work?

Being really honest - we always make sure if there is anything we need to talk about, we do and don't ever bottle it up. Making sure you don't give up your own life is something else which is really important. My boyfriend loves golf and I make sure that he regularly plays at the weekends. While he is doing that I will go for a walk or spend the morning with my friends and family. It seems minor but over a long period of time you run the risk of resentment boiling under the surface and no one wants that!

pecan pie

I’ve been listening to the BBC4 Desert Island Disc podcasts recently. So, in the very unlikely scenario of you being sent to a desert island, please tell us: 

- one book (or magazine) you’d choose to take with you; 

Perhaps a little controversial and not for the reasons you might expect - The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Religious views aside it is the way Dawkins puts our existence into perspective. The thought that in a billion, billon planets in the Universe if there was a one in a billion chance of life in the universe there would still be a billion other planets which could potentially hold life! How crazy is that thought!

- one luxury item;

Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm. I cannot go without it!

- one piece of music; 

Gahh I can't decide! Fleetwood Mac Go your own way or Hozier Foreigners God 

- one social media application you’d like to keep. 

Instagram, hands down my most used social media application.

Massive thanks to Lisette for taking the time to be a part of the series and for sharing some of her beautiful photos with me. I think she would love you to go and say hello on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube.