Lazy weekends and sunny skies

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What a lovely weekend. It started with a positive therapy session with Vivienne, followed by impromptu drinks in the 11th arrondissement with lovely work colleagues...

These guys! So much love for them. A great couple, basically.  This is Ineke, my Bikram yoga partner in crime, and general partner in crime, and her mec Alex.
That night ended at 3am! Woooooo Lou the party girl... Well I woke up the following day around midday with a BANGING headache. I never get headaches or hangovers. This was something new for me. My stomach also seemed to be very upset with me. Sorry stomach. I popped an aspirin and went back to sleep. I woke up at 4pm!!!!!!  Just in time to get a shower, make a fresh juice and meet Rachel at the nail salon for a pedicure.
We went back to her and G's apartment, ordered some sushi and made fresh grapefruit juice
DELICIOUS! We then spent the rest of the evening watching the equivalent of Gok Wan's "How to look good naked". The makeovers are incredible let me tell you. It's quite emotional at the end when they go see their family/friends transformed. It warms the heart I tell ya. We also both agreed upon the fact that we like Grissom from CSI because he is a man's man, but he is a nice guy and looks like he'll protect you...*female bonding*
This morning, I woke up fresh as a daisy (well, almost!) and headed off to the market.
Please note my pretty French manicure : )
If you're partial to a sweet marriage proposal check out The Littlest Thing's proposal story : )  Absolutely joyful, too cute and an impressive display of team work.
I've just discovered Louise's blog. It definitely appeals to me because...well we have the same name. Amongst other things. I've only managed a few posts so far and am enjoying it immensely! 
I'm so so late to the Frank Ocean train. But i've finally arrived! It's better late than never. He wrote an open letter to his first love on Tumblr. I found it rather beautiful.
Right I have to hoover the apartment before going for a run. I'm off to see Frances Ha this evening at the cinema. Have any of you seen it? Paris, Brooklyn, Adam from Girls, Greta Gerwig...i'm looking forward to it!
Peace and Love, Lou