Happy New Year

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Happy new year everybody!!! I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas break and welcomed in the new year surrounded by loved ones, good food and a bit of champagne!
I had a lovely time in Lyon with JB, his family and my sister. Then we came back to Paris and spent New Years with friends, eating raclette, gossiping, playing games and seeing in the new year with champagne. My body is now totally broken after indulging in lots of yummy food and wine over the holidays, so i have eased myself back into yoga and will go for my first run in ages tonight after work!
Do any of you have any resolutions or projects that you want to achieve in 2013? I'd love to hear them!
Here are some of mine:
1. Lose 4 kilos - i'll  be 56kg. I'd then like to stabilise my weight and stay at 56kg, permanently. I plan to do this by eating healthily and exercising a minimum of 4 times a week. JB and I have 3 weddings this year, so there is my motivation. I notice how my weight really affects my confidence, so i think it is really important to kill my naughty food habits now. I also discovered this article on mindbodygreen.com, which basically underlines the importance of working out with no stress or anxiety.
2. Continue with yoga. This time last year i wasn't doing yoga at all, and now i practice on a regular basis. Just having Bikram yoga is not doing it for me - i'm not really a creature of habit when it comes to exercise and i like to keep mixing it up. It's great that i have girlfriends who are also open to discovering different yoga centres in Paris - it's an extra motivation to get out and be healthy! I was recently introduced to Tara Stiles by a friend (thank you Rachel!) and i've now subscribed to her on YouTube as she has lots of videos with various yoga routines.
3. Be patient and kind, with myself and with others. Over the past few years, i think i have really improved in being more patient. I used to be incredibly impulsive in my emotional reactions, especially in my relationship with JB - it was neither healthy nor practical for our relationship. I think however there is still room for improvement (isn't there always?!) and so this is something i will continue to work on in 2013 : )
4. Save 800 euros a month religiously. I'm going to have to cut down on my reckless spending and think longer before i buy something, to determine whether it is really essential or not. When i have nailed this, then i shall feel very grown up! JB and i will have serious projects over the next few years (and therefore the rest of our lives) and i want to be ready and more reliable (financially) in these situations.
5.  Travel. Having just spoken about saving money, this one is a bit contradictory I know! But in 2013, i really want to discover some new places. Can you believe that i have never been to Italy? This is on my list! As is Berlin and Stockholm. There is also a potential ski trip which would take place in March/April - I have never been skiing so i think this would be a great thing to try, so long as it doesn't become too expensive. I can't do everything, so as long as i discover some of these places this year then i shall be very happy indeed.
6. Do more cooking and baking. JB and i recently invested in a "cocotte minute" - that's a pressure cooker to you and me - and together we have made a couscous and a "pot au feu" (a French beef stew basically). I think next we would like to try a tajine...keep your fingers crossed.
7. Recognise my limits. The aim is to just be the best version of myself that i can be. It sounds so obvious when i write it down, but in practice it can take more time to get there!
8. Indulge in life's little pleasures. Read a new book,  try a new film director, see friends, buy a pink/blue/green bra, discover Paris, spend time alone, read more blogs, hold hands with JB more...you get the idea? It's all about savouring the moment! 
I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013! xxxxxxxxxxxx