"Happiness is the precious gift to create and surround oneself with happy people"*

This girl is amazing. Her name is Maryana. We met in my 2nd year of university (it was her 1st year).
I feel so blessed to have met Maryana because she has brought so many wonderful things in to my life.
Such as, and in no particular order,
- The true meaning of loyalty to friends
- Laughter : it really is the best medicine out there
- The knowledge that straightening irons can be used to create gorgeous waves in one's hair
- Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick Compact
- Someone who shares my love of food and teaches me about food combinations
- That one should never be scared of being creative, no matter the context of the situation.
It's always so so wonderful to be in this girls company!!
*This is a quote by Maryana's dad, Leonid Sukhorukov. 
The interview this was taken from can be found here.