Gelato in Rome (this post comes with a happiness warning).

On our recent trip to Rome, as a reward for all the walking that we did, JB and I ate gelato every single day. Food tourism at its finest you could say.

I hounded JB about going to Gelateria del Teatro, the place I had come across on many of the Rome blogs I’d perused in the name of research. On our first day, it was my equivalent of many a little person’s favourite question when travelling: “Are we nearly there yet?” Jon was a gentleman and (finally) obliged, discovering his own favourite Roman gelateria at the same time. What a happy ending!

Via di San Simone, 70, 00186 Roma

I don’t believe you can visit Rome and not sample the gelato from San Crispino. I went for some nutty flavours and JB went for his usual fruity, tangy combination. The service at San Crispino is impersonal, and I am under the impression that only tourists go there (probably like most gelateria) but hey it was in Eat, Pray, Love and was all in the name of (my own personal) research.

There are several locations throughout Rome. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a soy option, Gelarmony is the gelateria for you my friend. I went for soy gelato only (again, containing nuts) and it was delizioso.

Via Oderisi da Gubbio, 201, Roma, 

It’s a very simple equation, Gelato = Happiness.

I'll only be too happy to return to Italy and do some more gelato-testing for you in the near future.

Lou xxxx