Feel GOOD Friday

Picture taken from my Instagram

I always feel good when Friday rolls around, don't you? The weekend is just around the corner and with it the opportunity to sleep in, or meet friends for a lazy brunch followed by a stroll, or get round to reading that magazine/book you've been so excited to start...Unless you work on the weekend, in which case you'll feel like this at some point during the week.

On the off chance you're not (yet) feeling great about the fact that it's Friday, here are some things that I've come across this week which I hope will help you to feel excited about life in general...Enjoy!

If you've had a bad commute/meeting, just connect for 5 minutes and read one article. It will give you the right amount of perspective to remember that life is too short to worry about one bad thing that just happened. Remember all the good that is going on in your life. This post resonated with me, it's basically about how we should never compare ourselves with, or make sweeping assumptions about, people we follow on social media.

L.K. Bennet shoes

Cancun Leather Peep Toe heel

I don't know when I'd ever actually get round to wearing these shoes. But they're glamorous, and would look great with jeans or a black dress. And a red/pink lip. I'd probably just stare at them a lot.

Molly Yeh
Molly's blog features yummy recipes and wonderfully clean photography. These macaroons are one of my next baking projects.

The Times
I finally signed up for the digital pack (they currently have an offer of 1 GBP for 30 days). So I'll be able to read the wonderful Caitlin Moran more often :) I really enjoyed this article by Muriel Demarcus, and promptly shared it with some of my expat friends, as it's basically the reverse situation of what I am living. A Parisienne settled in London gives her thoughts on the differences between us Brits and the Frenchies.

Revealed Rome is feeding my current obssession with ALL THINGS ROME. They do say that all roads lead to Rome so...The blog is an  American in Rome taking gorgeous photos of what we all know to be a very beautiful city and reveals lots of non-touristy information about this city that I am excited to be visiting in March!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes. No words needed. Except, I love these two ladies. Women should support other women. Men should support women. Women should support men. Everybody should support each other basically...Buzzfeed breaks their hosting highlights down.

I just booked a hair appointment for next Friday. Hairspiration has inspired me to go for it and get a chop similar to these two ladies below...whaddyareckon? #middlepartingmadness

Thank you Charlotte Jobard from Pinterest!

I hope you all have a great weekend and feel a little cheerier about the fact that today is Friday!

Lou xxxxxxx