Feel Good Friday

This afternoon's run around the lakes of the Bois de Boulogne. 

Happy Friday my lovely readers. This week has been exceptionally feel good for me, I hope it has been the same for you? If not, the weekend is just around the corner so please recharge your batteries, if you can, by doing nice things with nice people that make you feel positive and good about yourself...and life.

Can I share with you my feel good week?

- I have managed 3 runs during my lunch break this week (10k, 7k and 8.3k) and we have been very very lucky with the weather here in Paris because it does not feel like winter at all. I'm going to try a long run this weekend (thinking of hitting 15k) and so I should also do some hip-opening yoga routines. A particularly feel good song at the moment on my playlist? "Inner Ninja" by Classified (feat. David Myles). I discovered it via Strala's Strong Fall playlist.

- On Wednesday, so many good things fell from the sky at around the same time. I got to meet Meg, a fellow expat blogger based in Paris. Meg has kindly agreed to be my next interviewee for "LouLou meets..." so it is a huge understatement to say I'm very excited about receiving her answers and publishing that particular post.

Meg is a self-proclaimed beer nut so I joined her for a drink at the beer bar Express de Lyon. New territory for me, as I'm a huge fan of the vin.

I was very happy to try something new, the service was friendly and the waiter happily answered Meg's questions about the brews. The lady herself was an absolute delight: funny, engaging and with a real joie de vivre.

- Some more big news that I received on Wednesday evening. *Drum roll please* I have been contacted by a company to participate in sponsored events throughout 2014. This will involve some travel, as well as meeting new bloggers from several European cities. I'm very grateful for such an opportunity and believe the whole experience will be a fantastic learning curve for me and my blog. Watch this space guys. Literally.

- This wouldn't be a true blog post without some mention of food. This week I discovered these yummy  meringue fancies which originate from the north of France (Lille to be precise). There are six flavours in total. JB and I sampled the Merveilleux and the Incroyable and I will definitely be going back to try the remaining flavours. You can find their addresses here (for any Londoners out there, there is a shop in South Ken.)

- I have found a piano teacher. My first lesson will be in mid-March so this weekend I have to start practising again. My new teacher has asked me to prepare some Chopin, so I'll decide which nocturne/étude/waltz to begin with...

Take care of yourselves and have a bon week-end.