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Strike a balance
I consider balance to be really important in my relationship with JB.

My favourite moments are when we spend some evenings together and then we spend an evening or two apart, him doing boy stuff with the guys, me having fun with the girls.
And then there's the times we spend together with the French family (a.k.a. his friends!)
When our week is full of all the above then things are really great.
Naturally life takes over and sometimes one, or both, of us have outside commitments which take us away from each other. 
These phases are not so awesome, but I've accepted that it's just life.
You have to learn to take the rough with the smooth!
Try not to let things build up. If you get the same niggle over and over again, talk about it with your partner.
There's often a solution to most of our problems :)
The reason i consider JB as my soulmate is this.
He managed to give me the space and time to find myself and let go of my demons, whilst loving me.
By being 100% himself, he showed me how much this relationship was worth fighting for.
So i stuck around.
There were tears, lots of tears. There was quite a bit of shouting and swearing
(mostly done by yours truly). 
JB was the first romantic love who believed in me.
And i'm really proud to say that it paid off!

I mean no disrespect to those who came before him.
These things are also down to timing and the fact that we fit better with some more than others!
Every relationship also functions differently. I'm talking about my own personal experience.
I'd love to hear what makes you and your loved one tick.

The sun has still got his hat on! Hurrah
Lou xxxxx

Chet Baker - Like Someone in Love