Drop Coffee, Stockholm

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Coffee. Again. There are quite a few aerial shots of latte art to be found on my Instagram feed, guilty as charged. Back in 2009 the Paris coffee scene wasn't moving or shaking much. Nowadays however we are spoilt for choice: Belleville Brûlerie, Cream, Fondation, Telescope and Ten Belles to name but a few. So whenever I'm planning an upcoming trip I look on Instagram, or ask around the Paris expat network, for coffee spots worth visiting.

I came across Drop Coffee whilst doing some research for a recent weekend visit to Stockholm. Already feeling confident that it was a special spot, I knew I was on to a sure winner when Frank sent an IG message telling me to go there for a morning coffee fix. So Ineke and I headed there, and I can confirm that it is a must if you ever find yourself in Stockholm.

The folks at Drop Coffee take their beans very seriously, roasting in small batches to preserve the aroma of the coffee beans, which has won them the Swedish Brewers Cup in both 2013 and 2014. The cafe itself is gorgeous: luminous with high ceilings and free wifi. The ideal spot to get some work done if you're a freelancer. They also deliver their beans worldwide if you want to give them a try. Paris people, I spotted their beans for sale last week at Telescope Cafe...

Did you know that the Swedes have their own version of the British tea-time? It's called "fika": the literal meaning is "to drink coffee" but for the Swedes it signifies the ritual of taking a moment out of their day to relax and enjoy a sweet treat with some coffee. If you're looking for some fika inspiration, look no further - Anna Brones, from the Parisian expat crowd, has written a book featuring over 50 illustrated recipes and charting the history of this Swedish tradition. You can find out more in Lindsey's article for the New York Times T Magazine.

Happy Fika time!

Lou x

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