Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello Hello. So, back in the office after a 3 day weekend. I am not going to lie: as spoilt brattish as this sounds, a 5 day working week is going to feel loooong because the past 2 working weeks have consisted of 4 days! I know, that's awful, especially considering that Friday 11 November was Remembrance Day, which puts things in perspective a little. (Side-note: i do like that this day is acknowledged and celebrated accordingly.)
JB and i did not commemorate the day. Instead we had a surprise visit from his father and partner, and took them to Bercy Village for a lovely lunch at Partie de Campagne and then had a wander around the shops. I like this place, because a) it is not far from chez nous, we can metro/bus/Vélib/ there; b) they have lots of cool shops such as Sephora, Alice Délice, Oliviers & Co which are even open on a Sunday, and c) there is a gigantic UGC cinéma and a pet shop called Animalis. We paid a visit to the latter, and spotted an adorable, beautiful cat, called a Chartreux - but unfortunately at 900 euros a pop i do not think JB and i shall be investing in one anytime soon! (I have added a photo of this breed of cat to my slideshow photos). 
Friday evening, JB had some well-deserved guy time and i went for tea at Caramelle with an ex-colleague who is LOVELY and now a friend i am happy to say. Followed by a visit to Vivienne, and an opéra at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées with another ex-colleague who is now a good friend. After this cultural episode (the singers were FANTASTIC, the opera was Bellini's "Montagues and Capulets", and the Lyon Orchestra impressed) we went to Bound for a drink. It was on Avenue George V, so whilst i was pleased at having sat on the terrace and not smoked a single cigarette, i did feel robbed when the drinks bill came! However, i'm sure MasterCard could have done an advert based on that situation and you know, put it all in perspective for me, reminding me that some things are priceless (i.e. worth getting into more debt for).
Saturday, i totally wimped out of trawling my fat ass to Motte-Picquet for Body Combat and instead opted for Body Pump at Place d'It. I warmed-up with a 30 minute run before the 60 minute class. The routine had changed, which i was happy about (as i walked out of the gym, not whilst i was huffing and puffing during the class!) because i had felt myself getting comfortable in the old routine - so my laziness wasn't a total fail, as i felt sore after the class and the following morning!
In the evening, JB and i went to our local cinema to see Intouchables. The film has been out for 2 weeks now, and the queues are still crazy long...I'm glad we went to see it. Without giving anything away, I think the two leads (François Cluzet and Omar Sy) delivered stellar performances. I was laughing my socks off at some moments, and holding back the tears i was so moved at other moments. The film could have drowned itself in clichés, but it showed restraint and did well. For a French movie, i found it refreshingly modern and real. I would advise you to see it if you can, either at the cinema or on DVD.
Sunday, i finished the Harlan Coben book i found on the bookshelf - it's actually JB's so i was surprised it was in English. Meh. It's the kind of book you want to get to the end of and find out how this person is connected to that crime by way of X, Y and Z. But whilst reading, there is also a lot of schmooze and schmaltz to waft through, so at the end of the book you put it down and nothing really sticks in your mind. Or maybe that is just me. I sometimes worry i don't pay enough attention when i am reading, maybe i'm eye-rolling too much...I can't even remember the title. I just know the book cover was blue, the title in red, and a skeletal hand was the lovely image on the front! I'm waiting for "Freedom" by Jonathan Frantzen to arrive in my post-box. I've now continued with the Fry Chronicles, even though its sometimes annoys me. To be discussed in another post.
In the evening, i went for a drink with the girls at Le Pub Saint-Germain. Considering it is in Odéon, i think it could be thought of as pricey, but we were wise enough to go during Happy Hour, and therefore were very content with their inspired cocktail list! Where we were sat reminded me of Sherlock Holmes' living-room (except much much tidier) and all that was missing was a log fire (and fire-place.) I sampled the Apple & Mint Martini, then Mojito in Love. The girls had a Lychee Martini, then a Bacardi Royal and another drink that i can't remember the name of but i can testify that it was VERY yummy : )
Something that came up and I consider food for thought: whilst French girls are no more or no less insecure than girls anywhere else in the world, is it how the French deal with insecurity (which i believe is less accepting and less acknowledged here in comparison to the UK) which means French girls are more inclined to criticise each other as opposed to being friendly?
I tried to include a photo of the girls with their cocktails, but i'm not sure the browser i'm using is great, so that didn't work. Instead, like the Chartreux cat, they can be found smiling in a snapshot on the slideshow!
I hope that everyone has a lovely week! Check in with you soon xx