30 day detox

Top left Healthy breakfast of  greelkyoghurt, blueberries, manuka honey and oat bran
Top right Perrier for me please waiter!
Bottom Mariage Frères red bush tea
On Monday i decided to start the detox that i did last spring/summer. 
The decision came after a period of excessive food and alcohol consumption!
 I know that i don't ever want to go above 60 kg. But i'm currently at 60 kg and i also know that i need to lose a little and tone up.
If you'd like a more extensive explanation of the detox, you can visit my blog posts from last April.
I recently read Rosie's post called The Anti Diet where basically she explains how it's good to eat healthy 80% of the time and then be a little naughty 20% of the time.
I think this is a great foodosophy and it is one i would like to adopt after i've finished the detox. 
Left forming new habits
Top sticking to healthy (but delicious) meals
Bottom can you tell that i'm a bit of a Kusmi tea fan?
So i'm just getting back in to some good habits, such as:
- taking the stairs every morning to my office on the 3rd floor
- choosing fish over meat
- substituting bread with rice crackers
- body brushing every day
And trying to break certain bad habits such as:
- snacking on bad stuff when i get home from work
- coffee on a daily basis
- substituting wine with vodka, sparkling water and freshly squeezed lime/lemon

Top goat's milk yoghurt with manuka honey and cashews
Bottom left Vitamin C and D
Bottom right a healthy snack of rice cake, salmon and hummus
There's plenty of yummy recipes on the internet with lots of healthy meal ideas because in my opinion, variety is very important when doing a detox. 
It's also important for me to not feel like i'm on a diet. There are no portion restrictions on this detox and plenty of food is allowed, so i'm going to ride out this first week (the hardest period) and then just enjoy the ride and reap the rewards of glowing skin, a flatter belly and a healthier Lou! 
See you on the other side :)
Lou xxx